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New Tourney Discussions - Lyst - 06-23-2008 11:03

Use this topic to discuss upcoming tourneys.

Since CnC1 is almost over, there is time for some new tourney.
I've had several people asking me for a new tourney.
Until now we have:
- BYS2 Improv Tourney (Sick)
- CTF Tourney (Shin)
- BW-Zone Tourney (Blind) (check for more info)

I was also thinking of a koth tourney.

So if you have good ideas or you really want one of the above to be next, let us know.

Re: New Tourney Discussions - shin - 06-23-2008 11:28

I want ctf tourney. Many ppl play every day thps3 but when it's time to play the matches, everyone has no time. for 4 years of my playing thps3 I played only 2 or 3 ctf tourneys. I mean only the tourneys that we finished. There is many new players with who I didn't play ctf. I just want to see if they can play only transfers contest(I mean cz (: )or they have ability to play another type of game. imo the most interesting Original

koth could be nice too. but I want just play team game as ctf Original

Re: New Tourney Discussions - Baldrick - 06-24-2008 11:48

Whichever tourney someone starts, count me in!

And i'd like a ctf-tourney Original
and another cz-tourney
and a bw-cz tourney
and a improv tour (although my style still isn't that proOhmy)

BUT, in 1.5 weeks I'll be gone to Greece, so it will be for after that

Re: New Tourney Discussions - plum - 07-16-2008 17:17

what about graf tourny?

Re: New Tourney Discussions - kevDN4 - 07-21-2008 11:33

Well do a slap tour. 6-8 Players and the one with the lowest scoar is out, like Deathmatch.

Re: New Tourney Discussions - Rambone - 07-21-2008 14:50

oh, its more about bugging and lagging then. :roll:

Re: New Tourney Discussions - bluey - 07-22-2008 18:04

mh i remember a ctf final: shin and fkone vs me and jul4 Tongue great timez
I just want to participate to graf or ctf tourney .

Re: New Tourney Discussions - plum - 07-23-2008 22:32

blueman Wrote:mh i remember a ctf final: shin and fkone vs me and jul4 Tongue great timez
I just want to participate to graf or ctf tourney .
Damn I remeber that tourny. I was with Candy in team and we lost against you and julz Devil

Re: New Tourney Discussions - julz - 07-23-2008 23:07

that wasnt a surprise for anyone.We just pwnt * evrybody yo !! :lol:


Re: New Tourney Discussions - wild786 - 07-24-2008 20:54

do a ctf tourney and do et fast :twisted: