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create-ur-own-games - Shizz - 05-24-2009 14:31

Maybe some of u already did this?!.Make ur own games in th3? If u wonna play another game than the normal games, make 1 urself. dr.Noo made 2 games for fun So post here games that u made urself , and if its a rly good game..maybe everyone will know/play it.

Re: create-ur-own-games - Duckman - 05-24-2009 17:51

Racetrack 5000 tourneys Wink
(or whatever rambone's park was called)

Re: create-ur-own-games - Skater4Life - 05-24-2009 18:24

i remember that day we played one would go on the highest place on the map and judge and 2 would compete Laugh

Re: create-ur-own-games - Ownish - 05-24-2009 21:23

hmm yea i will upload those vids tomorrow or day after i dont have rly much time atm..

Re: create-ur-own-games - plum - 05-24-2009 22:16

I don't want to create any games, but I can show you some old made-up games:

There are no pictures, so stuff like CiO wins is usless. Some games are shown twice.

Courtesy of

4th Place Rule!

1. To start a 4th Place Rule game, the server has to say "4th Place Rule." This means that whoever gets 4th place on the upcomming game has to leave the server.


1. To find out who is "it" first, someone may randomly count down from 5, at which time every says "not it". The last person to say "not it" is it.
2. To start the game off, the person who is "it" counts down from 5 while the others scatter.
3. To tag someone else, you must successfully knock the other person over. This means if they knock you over while you are "it" then you are still "it", or if they are already down and you just skate through them without scoring a "Head Smack" you are still "it".
4. If you are tagged, you MUST say "I'm it" or "It", so everyone else in the server knows your it. There is no message notification system that tells you who is it, since there is no Tag mode and you play the game in Free Skate.
5. The game ends when someone says, "This game sucks, let's play something else."

Freeze Tag

1. Freeze tag is a 2 vs. 2 game so you'll need 4 people (duh), and takes place during Freeskate.
2. To find out the teams, you can choose among yourselves or you can do a 30 sec slap, and whoever gets 2nd and 3rd place are on a team, and whoever gets 1st and 4th place are on a team together.
3. This game is generally played in LA, so one team starts out next to the liquor store and one starts at the bunker ledge (the 3 wavy ledges at starting point).
4. To start the game off, the server counts down from 5.
5. The object of the game is to get the other two people from the other team frozen at the same time.
6. To freeze someone from the other team, you must successfully knock them over.
7. Once you are knocked over you must say "cold" so everyone knows you're frozen. once you are frozen, you are not allowed to move from the spot you were tagged at.
8. Your teammate can unfreeze you by knocking you over while you are frozen. Once you are unfrozen you must say "hot" so everyone knows you're unfrozen.
9. Once both members of a team are frozen at the same time, they lose. The score board is now 1-0. Play the game to 5 wins, then change teams.

GOD Graffiti

1. GOD graffiti is basically a 3 vs. 1 graffiti game, with some minor modifications.
2. Choose a person to be "it," then start a 2 min game of graffiti.
3. The person who is "it" must go around the level tagging things very LIGHTLY! This means tag as many things as you can with a score under 1,000 for each tag.
4. Now, the other 3 skaters' objective is to steal all of the lightly tagged objects before time runs out.
5. If the person who is "it" is left with 0 tags at the end of the run, he/she loses. But if the person who is "it" is left with 1 or more tags, they win.


1. Boxing mainly takes place in Tokyo, but I'm sure there are other places in the game where you can play it.
2. First, get at least 2 people above the judges booth in Tokyo (right above the starting point roll-in). This is your "ring."
3. Find a corner and stand there. The server should then count down from 5, then the game has started.
4. After the server counts down from 5, everyone in the ring is to slap each other and sometimes people will fall out, or accidentally jump out.
5. Once you are out of the ring, you cannot go back in until the next match starts. The object is to be the last man standing in the ring.

Manual Contest

1. Any simple manual contest can take place in any level by standing next to someone and manualing in-place, and then just wait for the other person to fall for you to win, but this manual contest takes place in the Airport, right after the first moving walkway.
2. Find another person to play against you, then both of you stand right where the purple rug first starts right before the first escalator. One of you stand on the left, and one on the right, lining up with the pathways.
3. The server will countdown from 5 then the both of the contestants will jump down the incline and start their manual. Once you start your manual, you are not allowed to pivot or jump.
4. The person on the right, will manual down the right side of the level, and vice versa with left.
5. Manual through your side of the x ray machine, then your side of the 2nd escalator. After you go past the 2nd escalator, the person on the left will go left and vice versa with the person on the right.
6. Manual your way down to the very bottom of the level using the curvy handicap rail.
7. The person to fall first loses.

Courtesy of

Balance Contest
Originated: THPS 3
Level: Airport
Start a 30 second CTF game and join blue
When the timer gets to :01, grind around the Backage Claim for as long as possible
The winner is the last to bail.

BlackjackOriginated: THPS 4
Level: Any
Set a score target to reach, e.g. 1337
The player who gets closest to this score, without going over, is the winner.
misfit wins!

BoxingOriginated: THPS 3
Level: Canada (tree), Cruise Ship (boiler), Tokyo (blimp)
Find a small area above the ground and find your own spot
When the countdown finishes, knock the other players over the edge
Last man standing wins.

Doctor Graff
Doctor GraffOriginated: THPS 3
Level: Any
Start a 30 second graff game
The aim of the game is to win, but only by one tag, otherwise no one wins.
CiO wins!

God Graff
God GraffOriginated: THPS 3
Level: Easy - Cruise Ship, Tokyo
Level: Medium - Airport, Los Angeles
Level: Impossible - Burnside, Warehouse
Choose a "God" and start a 2 minute graff game
The "God" must not tag any object with a combo greater than 10,000 points
If the "God" holds one or more tags at the conclusion of the game, the "God" wins, else the other players win.
Legsweeper was God, he wins by two tags!

Freeze tag
Freeze tagOriginated: THPS 3
Level: Los Angeles
Choose teams with an even amount of players
Teams group and start at opposite ends of the level
When a player from one team slaps a player from another team, the player slapped says "cold" and cannot move. Once another member of their team slaps them they say "hot" and can move again
A team loses when all players are frozen.

Manual Race

Manual RaceOriginated: THPS 3
Level: Airport
Start a 30 second CTF game and join blue
Have the players line up in a row, as shown in the picture
When the timer reaches :01, Boneless and land in a manual, going down the slope alongside the escalators
When you reach the bottom, turn left and head down the spiral and into the basement
The player to make it furthest from the start before bailing wins.
Note: You may not ollie or grind during the race

Speed Race
Speed RaceOriginated: THPS 3
Level: Airport
Start an untimed CTF game and join blue
All players must line up along the front doors of the Airport
The server counts down to one, and each player races to the red flag at the bottom of the level
The player to grab the flag first wins.

XTC (eXtra time cap)
XTC (eXtra time cap)Originated: THPS 3
Level: Airport
Start a 30 second CTF game and join blue
Once time stops, players continue comboing after time, and work together to try and make as many captures as possible.

Re: create-ur-own-games - Lyst - 05-25-2009 08:42

Games similar to Blackjack

MilTA -
1 min TA game, closest to 1.000.000 wins, can be multiple combo's

10 MilTA
30 secs TA game, closest to 10.000.000 wins

Re: create-ur-own-games - plum - 05-25-2009 12:39

lyst Wrote:Games similar to Blackjack

MilTA -
1 min TA game, closest to 1.000.000 wins, can be multiple combo's

10 MilTA
30 secs TA game, closest to 10.000.000 wins
I like the Blackjack more. The colsest, but not over rule seems to be better than the closest alone. We should give it a try.

Re: create-ur-own-games - Duckman - 05-25-2009 13:46

I thought that was called blacktony

Re: create-ur-own-games - Guest - 05-25-2009 14:17

Seems like some fun games, a bit different from the normal every day-play.
Cuold have been fun to tried Wink

Re: create-ur-own-games - tasty - 05-25-2009 17:45

Sounds like a great idea! Maybe can vadru make a mod of it with all of the created games?