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0 stat TA tour - Skater4Life - 01-16-2010 14:15

this will be a TA tour made by Qc ! bassicly you can cap offline with a 0 stat cas. You can use 251 patch but i dont think you will get to 251 Xd, you can use special tricks. so you just go single session and cap your best run.
Anyone can enter this, the more players the better. So we will start with the map foundry. gl hf, i will post my entry soon
you have 2 weeks to enter
if you have some questions ask.
If this goes well then every 2 weeks the map will change
Best score wins y0

Re: 0 stat TA tour - ReY - 01-16-2010 14:47

how do you know somebody used 0 stats? i mean you cant see the different between 0 and 3 Tongue

Re: 0 stat TA tour - foolish - 01-16-2010 14:50

i like the idea but agree with rey, how will you check someone has 0 stats not 1 or 2?

Re: 0 stat TA tour - Vadru - 01-16-2010 14:52

Btw you will need to cap when you put your stat to 0 so we see that you don't cheat then you will need to do simple anti cheat test which is making nose manual keep holding down until your combo stop and score should be 189 in switch and 155 in none swicth and then also we hope that ppl can play without cheat i mean... it's a game you dont need to win or lose just for fun if ppl cheat its no fun

Re: 0 stat TA tour - ShiFty - 01-17-2010 11:20

wow nice idea ^^

Re: 0 stat TA tour - Nihilism - 01-17-2010 12:23

Dude, EVERY lvl, right? Different level every 2 weeks? This tourney will end in MONTHS lol.

Re: 0 stat TA tour - krea - 01-17-2010 12:48

ye its whole year tourney its cool imo. so we up our runs here?

Re: 0 stat TA tour - Skater4Life - 01-17-2010 12:51

yea upload and post the link here.
you have time until 31st january

Re: 0 stat TA tour - Duckman - 01-17-2010 13:03

Just to confirm, we're talking about one combo, as opposed to a whole game of TA right? With zero stats that could make a big difference.

Re: 0 stat TA tour - krea - 01-17-2010 13:42

ok few questions i want to be answered:

1 combo or a time set you can make as many combos as you want?
do bailed combos count too?