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Re: WCC: Signups - Shizz - 08-02-2010 20:59

SicK Wrote:
krea Wrote:get juice or rambone back sick

you cant be srs ^^ Maybe u dont know how hard it is to get players back who already dont give a shit about this game. Ask any1 who tried it and i am pty sure they will say it is fuckin hard. I tried to get rambone back few times but u cant make some1 play game only cuz u want it. He played ofc when i asked him 5-10games and he is out again. Also i was clanless now and i didnt change any team or w/e just joined and helped loh a bit<to play in wcc,cuz they asked me to>.

Laugh hehe , welcome (Y)

Re: WCC: Signups - uL0v3mE - 08-03-2010 11:32


dysproz (dont know yet)
aegy (dont know yet)

Re: WCC: Signups - Lalita - 08-03-2010 13:01


Stimpy (IDK)

Re: WCC: Signups - resulsep - 08-03-2010 20:31

resul'sep: <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

Re: WCC: Signups - Lyst - 08-04-2010 09:15

Ok the signups are closed, I'll now start putting all different tours online.

Re: WCC: Signups - Lalita - 08-04-2010 13:47

Replace stimpy with z4juTHPS (havnt seen stimpy in months)

Re: WCC: Signups - Lyst - 08-04-2010 15:37

Hmm ok that's the last one. From now on, no more people can be added to the clans.