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:( - JeZ0 - 12-28-2012 12:59

As most of you know I've been gone from th3 for quite some time now.
I've been seen around Tg2 because of the amazing Alp who introduced me to it because he's a fucking boss. Anyway I know most of you won't care but its finalised, I won't be returning to Thps3. I feel like I've gotten over this game and that if It will take over my life again Xd
So I wish all you pros the best of luck in your Tony hawks gaming and in life.
I will still be active on this forum and on Skype (Jeremy.kebab.bortoli) and on facebook.
It's been fucking fun playing with you guys and girls and I have had the best of laughs in this community with the amazing sense of humour y'all have!!

Peace out yo! Heart

Also I'd like to say sorry to some players that I have cracked the shits at, I am known to have a short fuse in my area in reality Xd

Re: :( - shin - 12-28-2012 13:30

no bye.


because you stay here Original

Re: :( - bluey - 12-28-2012 14:04

as shin said, as long as you stay on c3, no bye :Laugh
anyway jezo, gl with tg2.

have fun !

Re: :( - stof - 12-28-2012 16:56

tg2 is underground2? If no explain meTongue
i dont think we ever played together and now we never willSad

Re: :( - DCn LeFtY - 12-28-2012 22:10

i don`t believe that Jezo !! :shock:
i think you will come back ag soon!!!

thps3 = your world man ! Xd :lol:

like bluey Xd he comes too baQ to tony´s freaky online world hehe .

i wish you all best and come back oldsql-*star*> :Laugh

Re: :( - JeZ0 - 12-28-2012 22:53

Well, I won't be on tg2 as well because that was on my old laptop which belonged to my school and I had to hand it back on the last day of school Sad
Lefty you could be right, there might be a chance that I will come by and visit Original and also I'm not oldsql Tongue I'm a midsql dawg Original

@stof tg2 is thug2, I don't think we have ever played together. I have only played with Psycho and ZSxtreme and I think Some guys from nG

Re: :( - Psycho - 12-29-2012 04:50

You can leave THPS3 for now, but you can't leave it forever. :shock:

Re: :( - John - 12-29-2012 09:27

I wish you will come back soon jezo

Re: :( - JeZ0 - 01-03-2013 07:14

I got my subject selections back from my school. The area I'm working in requires very little study so there is a chance I can return to thps3 Original

Re: :( - plum - 01-21-2013 14:39

THUG2 is very nice game. Many thps3ers make mistake when they try to play it like thps3. This is why they don't enjoy it, but once you understand gameplay, it's really enjoyable game.