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Laptops fuckedddd - Lalita - 04-13-2013 15:16

This be why I am not playing anymore guys, my weekends now just have been gathos at my house, working on my car, and I have not had much time to fix my laptop. First the charger went then i ordered. new charger and it says it needs to be 130w charger or higher (its a 130w charger original dell one).
So now it said that it worked but it was super slow and didnt charge it just left the battery at the percentage it was... now the batterys dead it wont start because I had to start it with the battery and charger not plugged in (it said 130w or more turn of blabla). So i ordered the piece which the charger plugs into laptop , took it all apart then realised it needs to be solderized... so ill get it fixed later blabla...

Whats been happening is XsT alive or what? which XsT are still on? Remember I'm still leader just letting others run the clan until I'm back...

And also I broke up with my missus a few weeks ago coz she cheated dumb bitchh...
New motto guys 'bitches aint shit but hows and tricksWink"

I wrote this on iphone so sorry if grammar is wrong or wot evz that shit turned awf...

And no I am not being cocky in this topic

Re: Laptops fuckedddd - KnOizx - 04-13-2013 15:36

beautiful history

Re: Laptops fuckedddd - HotSauce - 04-13-2013 15:43

I hope u get back soon, anyways XsT is doing good and it will be better when u come back, currently me and Dude_yo are running the clan, its going pretty well so no worries about that..Wink