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HEX-editor help? - Zoe4ever - 02-08-2016 11:42

Hello, I remember somehow I got this working ages ago. But I lost my cas and I've been trying to re-create it. I don't know how. What I'm trying to do is get Rodney Mullen's start (when he gets on the board, he kind of flips it. Can be seen exactly what I mean in the beginning of this video for example: ). I know it's possible if you replace "Custom Skater" with "Rodney Mullen" in the .cas menu, but saving the game afterwards will corrupt the file which will then cause constant crashes. How do I do this Surrender

RE: HEX-editor help? - MindsEye - 02-09-2016 16:42

u might wanna take alook here:

RE: HEX-editor help? - Zoe4ever - 02-10-2016 18:59

Hm, I wonder where I've seen that page before...
Anyway, I figured it out. the game doesn't crash anymore, I can't save it, but I can save the cas and edit tricks, so all good Laugh

RE: HEX-editor help? - MindsEye - 02-11-2016 02:09

well ik (ik = i know) that u own and operate the gut ol' onDrugs/oD clan so u must 4got from wat u wrote in the past when ur od site was still active... :V