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Who's here? - 2sS - 06-22-2017 19:14

Hello Guys,

I think some of you could have even forgotten me, but guess what, I'm still thinkin' of this freaking game Laugh So following the topic, I just simply wanted to ask, who's here yet?

kind regards
all yours

RE: Who's here? - shin - 06-22-2017 20:30

i'm alive unfortunately.

RE: Who's here? - 2sS - 06-23-2017 06:01

Is this only you? Ohmy Is that really all? Tongue still luv ya! Laugh

RE: Who's here? - RevTHPS - 06-23-2017 13:16

O.o Hi 2sS!

RE: Who's here? - resulsep - 06-23-2017 15:58

I'm still alive but since gamespy is down, nobody is playing active. I really miss the old timesSad


RE: Who's here? - Lyst - 06-23-2017 16:01

Hi 4ss

RE: Who's here? - shin - 06-24-2017 17:37

seems like everyone reads c3 as the guests ;D

RE: Who's here? - David - 06-25-2017 12:31

Hello there

RE: Who's here? - MindsEye - 07-19-2017 03:46

Infact I've been thinkin' 'bout resurrecting the once-alive THPS3 community!
I was dying to play wit' one of you guys online in THPS3 A$AP!

To get back online in THPS3, see this post:
To learn how to port forward so you can host a THPS3 online server, check out my video here:

I hope to see anybody in THPS3 A$AP!

RE: Who's here? - wild786 - 07-23-2017 11:50

I'm still here, I've just been on a military base for the last 7 months but I'm about to come back