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Cap Software - PoWerFuQ - 06-24-2020 19:01

Could someone hook a brother up? With whatever the hip program is for capping thps3? I don't want something outdated. I need something "fresh" and "hip". I don't want the other kids to make fun of me or tease me. So please, make sure it is very radical and "steazie". Did I use that word right? Steezy? Or steeze bag? Original

RE: Cap Software - bluey - 07-31-2020 19:08

sorry but I don't know anything but Fraps.. but it's not fresh :/

RE: Cap Software - Pinky thps3 - 07-31-2020 19:24

i use bandicam

RE: Cap Software - Demo - 08-01-2020 21:38

MSI Afterburner is free and contains an okayish screen grabber, except it's probably not too user friendly at first. like no big red buttons to capture, you just setup a hotkey.

RE: Cap Software - MindsEye - 08-02-2020 19:37

If any of you guys have an NVIDIA GeForce 800 series GPU or newer, you can use the GeForce Experience software to cap. Just hit Alt+F9 while in game to cap and stop capping. Original Similarly, if you have AMD GPU, you can do practically the same thing with the Radeon Software.