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Fast Air and NO-CD - invisle - 04-10-2021 10:40

Hey Guys,

so after i played THPS1+2 i was really disappointed and started jumping aroung in th3 again. I am searching for a trusted link for a Fast Air and NO-CD Mod, because i cant find any. I think there was a toolbar called DefMod or something. Maybe someone can help me out?
Blessed for any help Innocent

RE: Fast Air and NO-CD - wild786 - 04-14-2021 02:31

If you install levelmod: that'll include the NO-CD and the online patch I believe. You can find fast air-tricks and defmod here, defmod doesn't include fast air-tricks, I personally wouldn't use the no-cd crack available here:

RE: Fast Air and NO-CD - invisle - 04-15-2021 09:50

Hey, thanks for the reply. Im gonna try it Original

RE: Fast Air and NO-CD - Vadru - 05-03-2021 20:19
In the latest version of levelmod, found in this link you can change the air trick speed. The setting is found in levelmod settings menu -> control -> air

RE: Fast Air and NO-CD - Faith - 08-16-2021 16:34

TH3 is best for its CZ and CTF! welcome invisle