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SurvivalZoee2 and SurvivalZoee3

06-18-2009, 17:40


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I think "i don't download thinks how vadrus mod" should mean "i don't download things like vadrus mod". cuz how and like are the same word in german Tongue

oh noes!
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06-19-2009, 11:10

What? 180!?

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Teach him some English foolish :lol:

You're Pro or you're Noob, that's life.
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04-23-2013, 19:43


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Damn, i wrote some random shit, sry Laugh
Even i can´t understand nowadays what i wrote there (sombrero)

sry for pushing that thread but damn... my english sucked as hell. no wonder that ownish mentioned it in th3 that it has improved a lot :lol:

ColbY Wrote:i dont think soXd i dont download thinks how vadrus modXd and that u have yesterday madeXd bcause that was it saved for lymsOhmy

Well it meant smth like:
I dont think so -> well i didn´t think so...
i dont download thinks how vadrus mod -> should mean smth like: I dont use mods like these of Vadrus.
And that u have yesterday made -> relative to the context above. Should mean smth like: i also don´t use any of the mods that you create.
Bcause that was it saved for lyms -> Well, i dont know who lyms is or was but nvm it. That should mean smth like: Because of the reason that you tried the mod, there were only spot for 2 players ---> (Zoe and Lyms)

My brother should be proud of me to have such an knowledge english
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04-25-2013, 18:47

yall Ain't Shit
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Okay booyah
Make my day and re-upload this please.

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