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PWTH 2 - final(rio) - results

05-04-2010, 17:05

Tony Himself

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Pwth2 winner is Foolish ! Who won in rio vs fatguy 2-1 in really close round. Both players did good runs. I watched those runs only one time but as I can remember i really liked Fatty's run as it looked as a pure prov for me. Anyway Good job guys you deserved to play in final for sure. Tour didnt go as good as it should prolly. There are a lot of reasons which i dont really want to explain cuz nobody would care anyway. I just wanted to thank as always when tour ends.

Special thanks to judges : ESK8,LYST and PLUM for their always fast judging and watching all those vids eventho for some it was not easy to dl<esk8Heart>.
Special thanks also goes to Homeboy and whole ISL team, ISL site owners for allowing me to post vids from this tour on their server<, afaik it will change to <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> soon>, eventho i couldnt post final vids there cuz of my old pc problems i lost whole stuff to do this, prolly i will get it soon and then post final<rio> vids there.
Thanks to all players who played in this prolly last<at least by me> th3 prov tour. Hope you enjoyed playing those 2-3 rounds and Prov With The Homies Original

Thank you all once again. Good Games,wellplayed! peace.

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