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WCC: Team-KOTH (preperations)

08-04-2010, 09:50

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The rules of teamkoth are simple. You'll play in teams of 2 persons versus 3 other teams. The time of your team is the time of both players added. The team with the most time in the end wins. So if one of team got 2:00 and the other 0:10 (=2:10), they'll lose to a team which has 1:00 and 1:20 (=2:20). So be sure you don't end the game too fast. Like I said, it'll be 2 min koth with 4 teams. Ofcourse no mods/cheats are allowed that'll give you advantage in koth (dropdown, ak off, ntb etc.)
You'll play 2 rounds (in 2 different levels, see below). After these two rounds we will look at which team has got the most time in both rounds.

This tour will be played in two different levels, these levels are unknown yet. Since it's too much to let every team pick it's own level and it's unfair for me to pick the levels, I decided to do a poll. Everyone is allowed to vote, the 2 levels with the most votes will be played. The poll will run 3 days.

Since this tourney needs 8 people to be online at the same time, it'll be hard to find a good date. So could each teamleader post all days (monday-sunday) where they are available in normal situations. As soon we have a date picked we'll look for the best time and after that you'll need to tell who is going to play.

Tour A: MKO vs uT vs sep vs L0h
1. ?? 3 pts
2. ?? 2 pts
3. ?? 1 pt
4. ?? 0 pts
Tour B: Qc vs sK vs wTK vs XsT
1. ?? 3 pts
2. ?? 2 pts
3. ?? 1 pt
4. ?? 0 pts

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