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32 Players server

09-06-2015, 18:51 (This post was last modified: 09-06-2015 18:52 by imnofun.)


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I noticed that game modes are limited to 32 players, hence I think we should be able to host for 32 people(although there are only 8 graffiti colors specified, we could create more)
By adding the below to netmenu.qb you'll be able to choose to change the amount of allowed players to 32 in the new levelmod menu when hosting, yet, this seems not to reflect in the lobby. Who knows, maybe the server is open for 32 players or maybe not, hadn't the opportunity to test it with more players.
I remember I came across a .qb that construted the network/gamespy menu, but unfortunatelly I cannot find it anymore and it's not the netmenu.qb

Actually, I'll try to delete the host 2 players option and replace it with 32 players, if 2 people will be able to join it will confirm it works

it's narkotic, but with an x.
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09-07-2015, 16:06

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a placeholder for "I told you" quote.

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09-07-2015, 18:09

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Several people including me have tested this in the past. Doesn't work.

Yes, but why is the rum gone?
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