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Improve your prov!! 3rd edition- information topic.

11-15-2015, 17:00 (This post was last modified: 02-23-2016 14:05 by shin.)

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We start next edition of Improve your prov.

Here are the rules:

Rules :

1) You can join the tourney whenever you want
2) There are no judges and no eliminations!
3) Every week we play on different level
4) You have one week to make your video
5) We make 2mins + extra time runs
6) You have as many tries as you want, so you don't need an observer (trusted person)
7) Make good prov!! ;D
8) Post your vid in a tourney topic
9) When a week is finished, you have to vote on the best video in your personal opinion but you can't vote on yourself!
10) If you won't vote then your video won't count and you won't get any points!
11) You have 1 week for voting!
12) When I will see fewer than 5 videos then players will have extra one week to make a video.
13) Fast Tricks are allowed. Rest of the mods: not
14) You can use BW manual fix!

Points rules:
1st place- 3 points
2nd place- 2 points
3rd place- 1 point

If there is a draw between players then points don't change anyway. So If 2 players get 2nd place they both get 2 points.

1st week- Alcatraz
2nd week- Carnival
3rd week- Chicago
4th week- Kona
5th week- London
6th week- San Francisco
7th week- Shipyard
8th weekl- Zoo

You can download th4 levels mod here:

If you have any questions, ideas etc. discuss it here.

That's all. Gl Wink

Current week: END
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02-23-2016, 14:19 (This post was last modified: 02-23-2016 14:31 by shin.)

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Ok we can finish this tourney officially. Good job Wild! Laugh

Thanks guys for your work and I hope some of you made a progress. In last tourney we had 27 participants. Now 12. Those numbers show that thps3 is really close to die but still breathing. I don’t know If I will make more thps3 tourneys. Probably next tourney we will play on thug pro. I hope We could invite some thug players Wink

Anyway here we have official ranking:

I know its for fun but always liked some statistics Tongue

Ok thanks and see you some day in next tourney Wink

PS. Faith, Stof, Azy, Blue- I read your posts. Thanks Wink
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